Why uPVC?  

Energy Efficiency

The topic "thermal insulation" plays a major role due to the increasing energy prices and the legal requirements. Energy-efficient windows and doors are a crucial factor in reducing the energy losses to a minimum.

T&T's uPVC windows and doors are thermally efficient, lowering the cost of heating or cooling your home. Fitted with either single or double glazing, T&T's windows and doors keep your home comfortable all year round.  

At the same time, modern windows and doors are a great investment when energy prices are rising, create healthy room air conditions, increase the living comfort and maintain the property's value in the long term.


Cleaning & Maintenance

The profiles - in other words the window frame - are subjected to high loads, either from the effects of the weather from the outside or due to regularly opening and closing windows and doors.

Being made of exceptionally durable REHAU uPVC profiles, T&T windows are extremely resistant to pollution, diluted acids and alkalis. No special maintenance regime beyond the use of appropriate standard household cleaners is required. All in all, a T&T window is virtually guaranteed to help you save plenty of time and money over the long duration of its use.  

Our profiles have an unique REHAU HDF surface (high definition finishing). The special surface gives the windows and doors a brilliant gloss, is closed, smooth and very easy to maintain.


Sound Insulation

Loud noises nearby such as for example traffic noise or construction sites - are unpleasant and can even make you sick in the long term.

Our window and door systems can be individually adapted to requirements and the surroundings in terms of sound protection. This way, the noise remains outside and inside it is pleasantly quiet. 



T&T windows and doors made from profiles are optimally designed to use special security locks and strikers as well as intrusion resistant measures. T&T uPVC windows and doors are difficult to ignite and self extinguishing. Engineered with security for your family and your property in mind.



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